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Systo is expanding year by year. For the growing number of visitors music and dance is a part of interaction with the Universe. Through the dance we learn to love ourselves, each other and the World, to improve the understanding of our bodies and rhythm, to smile to other people, to rejoice at trees, flowers and butterflies landing on your hands. The music intertwines with the falling rain, the running brook, the leaves rustling, the birds singing and the blowing wind, with crackling bonfire and us laughing. This is the unity of us and the World. Each of us is a playing melody of the great symphony of Life. We all have a feeling of it happening.

All this makes ecology more than a trendy word for us. Everything in the world is interrelated. Our planet is a wholesome organism. What would be left if we deprive our blood of erythrocytes, thrombocytes and leukocytes? Sole sea water, that alkahest capable of being added to any living creature’s blood – that of human, bird, fish or insect. That gives another approach to comprehending global Unity, which was clear to our ancestors and has been being proven by modern science. 

Systo is a fest held in wild nature settings. All we are guests of the friendly and welcoming home. We’ve got to behave ourselves, filing hosts and each other with joy, so that to be welcomed the time we come back. Then merry mood and positive vibrations will stay with us for eternity giving us power to complete any life challenges as prior to, as posterior to the fest.


Earth is the most warm and vivid element. From ancient times in any culture earth has symbolized the Great Mother, Motherland, feminine Lono, source and custodian of Life, fertility, reaping, Great Treasure-house, last shelter and refuge. Earth is a feminine symbol of the material world, the opposite to spiritual masculine element. In the most of the cosmogonist myths it is the earth, the clay that is used as a material from which the Gods did mould the first Man and inhale Soul and Life into him. The first spousal couple of the ancient legends is of Earth and Sky giving birth to Life. The most surprising is that modern hypotheses of life conception suggest that it is the clay that is the ideal primary substrate on which the nucleic acids could compound with protein to, supposedly, form the first living cell capable of development and reproduction.

Take care of the Earth!

- Consciously keep your camping places and public territory of the fest clean.
- Use organized WC’s.
- Please try to sort the garbage.
- Please dig the ditch to throw out the organic waste and don’t forget to bury it before leaving (we’re sure that insects, their larvae, worms and bacteria will be thankful for diversifying their menu.
- Pay special attention to proper disposal of used batteries and accumulators. Please don’t leave these neither on the ground nor with the communal waste. One AA battery pollutes nearly 20 sq. meters of soil with heavy metals like zinc, manganese, cadmium, nickel and mercury. Through carcase corrosion and rain these can be released to the deeper soil layers and the water. Heavy metals accumulate in living creatures’ tissues causing severe diseases to occur. We wouldn’t want you to buy mercury-poisoned fish. Keep used batteries and accumulators in dry packing. As you leave the fest you may deliver these to any IKEA return desk.
- Please don’t throw cigarette butts on the ground. Use ashtrays or burn these in the bonfires.
- If you don’t have garbage bags please get these for free at the information desk. Please clean your camping place before leaving. Voluntary garbage collection is welcomed and appreciated. The fest organizers will surely organize garbage disposal and utilization. However it is not possible to do it perfectly but for your help.

There is no such thing as someone else’s garbage. It also poisons our common Earth.


Fire is the symbol of the Sun, divine Light, masculinity, unconquerable life energy, the union of the heart flame and the power of knowledge giving purification, enlightening and redemption. Fire is an element of power that can expand and destroy anything it contacts with. Human civilization has started from taming fire. Ancestors used two rubbing sticks to get fire with one of those invaginated into the other. Such action resembled sexual intercourse, filling fire symbolism with sexual vivifying energy. Hearth also symbolizes family, clan, tribe, which get together round its light and warmth. Fire is both good and unconquerable power. The majority of organic compounds are momentary ignited and burned by fire.

Be careful with fire! Protect the forest from ignition!

- Do not try to make bonfires on slopes, under the trees and in the conditions of strong wind. Keep fire prevention rules in mind and never leave the fire without supervision.
- Clean the place before setting up bonfire. Put away the sward. Put stones round the fireplace. That will not only limit the fire expansion, but also warm you as stones will radiate warmth.
- If you camping is situated in close to pine trees please prevent the needles from ignition by sweeping these away from the fire place.
- Please pay attention to keeping your bonfire on safe distance from tree branches, others’ tents.
- Don’t use fire inside the tents (for ex., candles). Modern synthetic tents are usually fully burned within less than a minute.
- Don’t cut living trees: wet firewood does not burn! Use only dry dead branches for your bonfires.
- You can burn all the paper and carton garbage if you would not deliver sorted garbage to the specialized reprocessing stations. Try to use only disposable paper cutlery and dishes.
- Roast the metal cans from preserved food in the bonfire, to flatten and put into the garbage bag when the cans will cool down. In such case the cans would fill less volume and would be faster reprocessed by microorganisms. No one knows the further doom of the garbage transported to disposal sites.
- Before leaving pour the bonfire place with water thoroughly, because the fire kept on the same place for several days will warm the soil to such a state that self-ignition can happen. Pour the water until the steam hissing sound stops.


Water is a dynamic feminine element in an eternal opposition to the masculine element of Fire. Water is associated with the prima materia of Chaos, the womb of the Universe, waters of fertility and freshness, the source of life, with birth, purification, reincarnation. The World returns also to Water after the Great Flood, as most of the religions of the world say. The Father-Sky pours impregnating Water on Mother-Earth. Water with clay symbolizes the Great Potter that sculptured the universe. The waterwheel spirals also symbolize the obstacles of growth and development whereas still rivers – the planned flow of life. Everything the men relate to water is historically filled with versatile meaning and wisdom of generations floating on the waves of Life. Due to the unique bipolar molecule properties water is a universal alkahest, which absorbs and transfers everything everywhere, circulating in nature as rain, steam, ice, snow, plant juice, milk, and blood. Water chemical and physical peculiarities allow it to store and transfer information about various energetic influence, like electromagnetic, temperature, bioenergetic and chemical.

Save and don’t pollute water!

- Don’t pour any chemical cleaning substances, toothpaste, synthetic oils and liquids into water.
- Try to practice hygiene in distance from water reservoirs, use the public baths. Please use washstands if you have one. If not, washstand is easy to be hand-made: just attach a bottomless plastic bottle of any volume to the tree upside down. By screwing the bottle-cup you may regulate water pressure.
- Try to use natural cleaners (sand, cinder, mustard powder) when washing up. As for liquid cleaners, please use household or tar soap. These will not only keep water clean but also save you health.
- Before and after the fest please clean your cars only at cleaning stations specially equipped with water-reprocessing systems. Don’t save up on your and your descendants’ health.


It is the most unstable element, a source of illusions and miracles. It is aso associated with Vivifying Spirit, Soul, creating life breath, space as locus of nascence and development of life. Air is a sound, music of spheres that finds its instruments both in nature and orchestra. Life wouldn’t be possible without oxygen, which is only 21% of the air. Plants born by the Earth are capable of creating organic compounds from sunlight and water and of producing oxygen. Inhaling the air, we get oxygen to burn the organic food and due to the energy we get from it we can live, create, love, change the world and ourselves in it.

It is said that air can transfer information, emotions and even thoughts. Air element is light and lifefull so you have to free yourself from non-fitting thoughts and feelings to grasp the knowledge of it. As sorcerers say, if you want to cognize the essence of things, it is enough to learn how to concentrate on your breath. However, beside oxygen and inert nitrogen air can contain hazardous gases, which get there among all as a result of human activity.

Please try not to consciously pollute air!

- We earnestly ask car drivers not to leave vehicles on the fest territory!
- Please do not burn plastic, rubber and other synthetic materials. You can hardly achieve temperature enough to burn complex organics without residual to carbon dioxide and water. We all are breathing the same air! Take care of yourselves and each other!


Keep calm in any situation and preserve friendly attitude to creatures and objects. Perceive everything happening around you as a trip where nothing’s impossible. Grant locals, nature and other tourists with proper respect, be polite and friendly. Help each other. Pay special attention for those who visit the fest for the first time. If you have any questions or are facing issues of any kind please contact the information desk.

And remember that human civilization has been developing through accumulating knowledge, dividing the world into elements, substances, molecules and atoms, giving names to everything around for us to understand now the of global unity and interrelation. Fire feeds on organic energy of Earth, is ignited by the wind and supported by the oxygen of Air, is put out by Water, and on the moisturized ground, on the cinder, new organic life is born under the Sunlight.
The eternal dance of life is continuing itself, Yang transforms into Ying and vice versa, White transforms into black, Evil into Good, and so on and on and on… till the time stops.

Take care of your positive impressions, the world around and of each other! Each of us is a part of the Universe!