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Systo Palty Togathering. Solar Systo 2013

Solar Systo 2013

May 8–13

Systo Palty Togathering. Solar Systo 2013

10th Anniversary

Every day the world awakes with the rays of the sun. Completing a new circle, the sun sends its rays, to awake the leaves and the grass, open flower buds, show the flying birds the lands and the way home, to tickle and warm our cheeks and to release sunray relfections from mirrored surfaces. With the beginning of Spring the rays spread across the sleepy woods and decorates it with a spectaculor display of colours. Beetles, moths and insects awaken from their dark corners and race towards the warm light, buzzing upon the whole world their song of life. Birds echo them with whispers, and frogs joyously cry out while warming their sides. In the same way the heart of humans melt, and similar to all of nature, they throw away
their gigantic and warm winter clothes to swap them for bright and colourful outfits. In their souls synchronised with all of nature starts the sound of a rhythm, melody and song, like the anthem of life or the call of triumph, in which there is something alluring and appealing, mischievous and lively, that motivates us like before,
year after year, and in decades, to reunite with friends again, to create, sing and dance. And so, rising on the horizon, the sun sees the gathering of people, that they happily united in a festive dance, rejoicing new life and the awakening of dawn.

The most important, as always for you: cast away all cares, be equipped better, and move forward on long, very fast, and actually untimely days. Don't forget to take with yourself good mood and the cheerful company.

Holiday is where we are, also we create it together!!!