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Saint-Peterburg, Russia


Psychedelic rock





Transcendence stranded in rock. Here and Now. Instructions for increased awareness.
Trance, as the altered state of consciousness achieved by means of sound waves and the beating of the heart.
Trance, as a bridge between the worlds. Reliability - what you need on the journey. Because there is a Fear not to go back and that is not the end. But it'll never end. Have a nice trip, which is our Life!!!
The group Transnadežnost' for the first time revealed 24.11.12, in" Stone Wednesday" in the club "Da Da".
Alexander Ershov and Vladimir Gurov, guitar and drums,part-time composition of the group, but the calculation is correct, and after the concert they became three, the group was joined by Max Zhuravlev, bass, and as it turned out, subsequently, multi-instrumentalist, a broken wrist Max in the urgent order mastered the synthesizer.
Up to the end it is not clear the game on which instrument will surprise us Max on Systo, but for whatever he played, all sounds great.
Systo is the first festival of awakening of the Nature that sets the tone for the following. We are very happy to think we are the participants of this holiday. And we will do our best to send You in the Middle or in the Deep Space!!


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