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Михаил Степаненко




Misha Stepanenko aka Dj Myst was born in 1976 in St. Petersburg. He discovered electronic dance music in the end of the 80’s from the first underground squat parties, which were, actually, the very beginning of the Russian electronic dance scene.


Inspired by music & dance he decided to practice beat mixing and started to Dj. Myst’s first public performance was in mid 96 -- ­at the time his bag was packed with acid house and techno vinyl. Same year he formed his first Goa acid trance mix.

His first Goa trance experience impressed him a lot from unexpectable story of the tracks and completely different sound producing for that time, so he decided to explore that music dimension.


In 2000, the parties, people and on-stage performances of Misha’s first season in Goa inspire his work to this day. After a several seasons in India and traveling through Europe, he held the Goan troopers festival, who’s main idea is to represent the same feeling of love, peace and happiness that we all feel in Goa. As time passes, Myst has realized more and more that genuine music is harder to find, and in the past 4 years has turned to the studio in a search for the right beats...









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